Internal Management Committee

Meet our
Creative Heads

The Internal Management Committee (IMC) oversees the Institute’s leadership, planning and resources, working to ensure the Institute fulfill its mission.

Dr. M. L. Attanda
C. E. O. / Executive Director
Dr. A. A. Olaniyan
Director (Research)
Dr. E. I. Nwanguma
Director (Reseasch)
Dr. O.A. Adetula
Director (Research)
Dr. V.C. Umeh
Director (Research)
Dr. H.A. Akintoye
H.O.D Vegetable & Floriculture Research
Dr. S.O.S. Akinyemi
Director (Research)
Dr. L.O. Olajide-Taiwo
Director (Research)
Dr. O.O. Oyedele
Director (Research)
Dr. D.O. Ojo
H.O.D. Fruits & Spices Research
Dr. S.O. Babalola
H.O.D. Citrus & Product Development Research
Dr. B.O. Fagbola
Ag. H.O.D. Information & Documentation
Dr. Adebisi-Adelani.O.
Assistant Director
Dr. I.B. Adeoye
Assistant Director
Mrs V. A. Adedipe
Chief Accountant
Mr I. E. Babatunde
Internal Auditor