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PhD Agriculture

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I have a progressive professional experience of about 25 years in Nigeria and West Africa. Three years of agricultural development experience in the service of Osun State Local Government Service Commission and 22 years research for development, technology transfer and teaching experience at the National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT) Nigeria, I have the responsibility as the Team Leader of a multi-disciplinary team of 20 core Research Scientists in Research Outreach Department. I led a team of researchers to secure grant for four externally funded research for development projects by Semi-Arid Food Grain Research and Development (SAFGRAD) (2002 – 2003), USAID/WINROCK International (2003 – 2004), International Network of Resource Centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security (RUAF)/International Water Management Institute (IWMI) (2007 – 2011) and World Bank assisted Commercial Agriculture on Fruit Trees value chain in Enugu and Kaduna States (2009 – 2011).  I was appointed as a Lead Author in the European Union (EU) and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)-sponsored project on Fourth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2007 – Integrating Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Development Planning under the auspices of START. I pioneered the establishment of NIHORT adopted villages and Agricultural Research Outreach Centers (AROCs) in 1997 and 2009 respectively.


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