Leader in Agriculture/Horticulture Training Since 1975

NIHORT is a reputable firm institute with many years of training in agriculture and horticulture industry. We have a team of highly talented and experienced consultants, partners and instructors who are dedicated to given nothing but the best to our trainees across Nigeria.

We offer a wide range of courses in Agriculture and Horticulture services (See courses below) 

Courses & Outline






Compost making and principles of Organic farming

·         Steps in Compost making

·         Importance of compost in organic farming

·         Economic of compost making



Mushroom production and utilization

·         Types of mushroom

·         Material needed for mushroom production

·         Health benefits of mushroom



Improved nursery and orchard management practices in mango

·         Establishment of mango nursery

·         Establishment of mango orchard:-  materials needed and procedure

·         Good agricultural practices in mango orchard


Improved nursery and orchard management practices in Citrus

·         Establishment of Citrus nursery:-   materials needed and procedure

·         Principles of nursery and orchard management in citrus

·         Establishment of Citrus orchard



Improved nursery and orchard management practices in plantain/banana and pineapple

·         Introduction to plantain/banana and pineapple management

·         Rapid multiplication techniques of plantain/banana and pineapple suckers

·         Orchard establishment for plantain/banana and pineapple



Cottage fruit juice processing

·         Principles of cottage fruit juice

·         Preservation and storage of fruit juice

·         Economic of fruit juice production and marketing



Dry season vegetable farming

·         Principles of dry season vegetable farming

·         Importance of dry season vegetable farming

·         Planting techniques in vegetable production



Exotic vegetable production e.g lettuce, cucumber, carrot etc

·         Principles of exotic vegetable production

·         Planting techniques in exotic vegetable production

·         IPM in exotic vegetable production



Natural soap making/production from plantain/banana waste

·         Materials and equipment needed for natural soap making

·         Types of natural soap that can be produced from plantain/banana waste

·         Economic of natural soap making and marketing




·         Principles of Bee-keeping

·         Importance of Bee-keeping techniques



Training on Snacks from horticultural products

·         Material needed for snacks from horticultural products

·         Principles on how to make horticultural snacks


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