Nigeria No.1 Horticultural Research Institute

The National Horticultural Research Institute (Headquarter); located in Ibadan was established in 1975 with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme in conjunction with food and Agricultural Organization as fruits and vegetables research and demonstration centre.

It acquired the status of a national institute in June 1976. The Institute’s headquarter is situated on a 350 hectares of land at Jericho Reservation Area, Idi-Ishin, Ibadan, in the rainforest agro-ecological zone of South Western Nigeria. To give a national outlook, the institute has two substations located in Mbato-Okigwe, Imo state in South Eastern Nigeria and the other at Bagauda, Kano state.

Our Research Programs

Citrus Research Program

 The Citrus research program is committed to improving the efficiency of citrus production, fruit quality and making fruit available all year round at affordable prices

Extension Research Program

Through this program we work in partnership with farmers, researchers  and other stakeholders for the generation and dissemination of appropriate horticultural technologies.

Farming Systems Research Program

This program helps to foster the development of sustainable horticultural cropping system for different ecological zones of Nigeria.

Floriculture Research Program

Our goal with this program is to improve through research our environment and make production of ornamental plants a major source of income for Nigerians

Fruits Research

With this program we have been able to collect, conserve, domesticate and propagate tropical fruits with emphasis on indigenous tropical fruits facing imminent extinction;

Product Development

This program is concerned with post-harvest handling of fruits and vegetables including packaging, storage and processing.

Spices Research

The program aim to develop sustainable production and utilization of horticultural spice crops in order to achieve excellence in spices research as well as aromatic plants in Nigeria.

Vegetable Research

This program helps to develop improved varieties and improved farmer adaptable agro-techniques for sustainable production of vegetable in all agro-ecological zones of Nigeria.


Raising the standard of Horticulture Consultancy & Training

Hortconsult is an arm of National Horticultural Research Institute that specializes in Horticulture consultancy and training. We help individuals and companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions in the agriculture and horticulture sector in order to achieve growth, profitability and sustainability.

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