Research Output


  1. Development of Protocol for improved production of planting material of Plantain/Banana, Pineapple and Irvingia through biotechnology.
  2. Rapid multiplication of improved planting materials of Plantain/Banana through simple technology (PIF method) and training of farmers.
  3. Multiplication of improved fruit seedlings of Citrus, Mango, Pineapple, Irvingia, Plantain/Banana and Pawpaw to farmers.
  4. Production of improved planting materials of vegetable seeds of Tomato, Pepper, Okra, Amaranth, Celosia, Corchorus and Curcurbits for stakeholders such as farmers, students and researchers.
  5. Live Gene Bank of fruit trees (Citrus: Sweet orange, Tangerine, Grape fruit, Tangelo, Lemon, Rootstock and Shaddock/Pumelo), Mango (twelve varieties), Plantain/Banana and Pineapple.
  6. Development of protocol for Mushroom production.
  7. Successful production of Ornamental seedlings such as Thuja, Yellow Ficus, Moraya, Palm.


  1. Development of organic insecticides (NIHORT LYPTOL, NIHORT MINTY AND NIHORT RAKTIN) using Eucalyptus, neem and mint leaves for the control of Tuta absoluta on Tomato (90% local material).
  2. Development of Tuta trap Tray (TTT) to capture adult nocturnal insects on tomato.
  3. Development of yellow sticky trap branded “NIHORT sticky trap” for the control of aphids on pepper.
  4. Fabrication of organic insecticides/extractor for Tuta absoluta on Tomato.
  5. Development of soil buster (O – rupture) for the control of pupae of tomato leaf miner.
  6. Solution to Banana bunchy Top Virus Disease (BBTVD).
  7. Development of aqueous extract (leaves) of neem, tithonia, and chrysanthemum for the control of pests and diseases of ornamental plants.
  8. Development of biological control of mango mealy bug with the parasitoid Gyranusoidea tebygi.
  9. Use of fruit fly combination of components ( removal of dropped fruits,  use of pheromone brewing yeast waste  + early harvest) to control fruit flies which reduced availability for local and international markets of Citrus, Mango, Guava, Irvingia, Passion fruit and Pawpaw.


  1. Value added product developed from tomato such as tomato dried slices, puree, powder, whole peeled tomato.
  2. Development of raised platform (Sun Dryer) for Tomato fruits.
  3. Reduction of post-harvest losses of horticultural crops through the development of different value added products such as bottled fruit juice drinks from citrus, mango, pineapple, utilization of plantain for confectioneries (flour, cakes, biscuits etc).
  4. Production of pineapple products (pineapple flakes, wine candy, jam).
  5. Four different forms of soap (Herbal soap, Natural soap, Batch gel soap and liquid soap) produced from horticultural waste (Plantain/Banana peel) and packaged.
  6. Essential oils generated from ornamental plants and used in making liquid soap for general use.
  7. Production of Biochar, Biogas, Compost and Silage from horticultural wastes.
  8. Organic fertilizer was produced from a mixture of horticultural wastes.
  9. Aloe vera gel developed to prolong the vase life of Heliconia spp. cut flowers.
  10. NIHORT Packaged Herbal Teas (7 No) developed (Cymbocitral tea, Oleifera tea, Sabdarifa tea, Telfaira tea, Ginger tea, Turmeric tea, Bitter leaf tea).
  11. Horticultural waste shredding machine fabricated for animal livestock feed.
  12. Decorticator machine for bush mango fabricated.


  1. Training/capacity building programmes in Oyo, Imo, Kano, FCT Abuja, Katsina, Jigawa, Plateau, Nassarawa, Benue, Edo, Abia, Oyo, Osun,  Ondo, Ogun, Kwara , Ebonyi, Edo and Delta States for Youth, Women and Farmers covering the following areas of horticultural crops production and utilization:
  • Fruits juice processing
  • Vegetable seed production
  • Mushroom production
  • Fruit production techniques (pineapples, mango, pawpaw, guava, sour sop, passion fruit, pear).
  • Indigenous fruits and vegetables production.
  • Amenity horticulture
  • Fadama vegetable production during the dry season
  • Mango and budded citrus seedlings production
  • Local fruits jams and marmalade production
  • Soap production using horticultural wastes
  • Ginger and turmeric processing
  • Compost making using horticultural wastes
  • Modern technology for establishment of plantain / banana orchard.
  • Citrus pre-nursery management and fruit fly management.
  • Use of trap to reduce fruit flies.
  • Processing of Irvingia
  • Plantain production and marketing.
  • Tomato processing using Netted Raised Platform Dryer.
  • Modern technology for establishing plantain/banana orchard.
  1. 13 Innovation platforms have been inaugurated for Tomato, Onion, Irvingia, Pineapple at Kano (Kura, Samawa), Katsina, Oyo State (Odo Oba), Imo (Orlu, Okigwe), Abia (Bende), Ondo state (Owo).


  1. Acquisition of state of the art laboratory equipment
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
  • Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Automatic Weather station
  • Vegetable Screen house
  1. Resuscitation of short and medium term seed storage facility (Gene Bank).
  2. Establishment of New Outstation in Otukpa, Benue State.

Promotion of
Horticultural Technologies

  1. In NIHORT’s AROC centres : The Outreach centres serve as meeting venue for farming communities and demonstration centres for proven technologies.
  2. Adopted villages: The Adopted villages program provide linkage between the scientists and the farmers for demonstration of NIHORT’s proven technologies.
  3. Participation in REFILS and MTRMs organized by different ADPs in the country.