Vegetable Research Program

Dr. A. O. Akinpelu

Head of Program


To develop improved varieties and improved farmer adaptable agro-techniques for sustainable production of vegetable in all agro-ecological zones of Nigeria.


  1. To collect, characterize, evaluate and select high yielding pests and disease resistant varieties of local and exotic vegetables.
  2. To determine the most suitable agronomic and physiological practices for the production of these vegetables.
  3. To developed the most suitable lntegrated Pest Management (lPM) option that would limit the problems arising from pests and disease attack and enhance the production of improved high yielding vegetables.
  4. To determine the most suitable species and appropriate multiplication technologies for the production of the highly nutritious vegetable mushroom.

Description of job

 Collection, maintenance, evaluation, documentation and ex-situ conservation of germplasm of seeds, vegetable and fruit crops of the Institute; (ii) Identification and selection of productive progenies through the use of appropriate breeding and selection strategy; (iii) Production of Breeder’s Seeds and (iv) Coordination of research, training and extension activity of the programme of the institute among others. Other activities are (i) Provision of appropriate technical knowledge, agro techniques and quality seeds to farmers as well as (