Otukpa Sub-station

Dr. Ajayi, Emmanuel O.


Head of Station

National Horticultural Research Institute, Otukpa Out-Station was established on the 18th January, 2019 in Otukpa, Ogbadibo Local Government Area of Benue State. The station is located in North central geopolitical zone of Nigeria situated within the Guinea Savanna Agro-ecological zone. The station is situated on a four (4) acre of land at Ogene-Ago, Otukpa along Otukpo-Enugu expressway and a 35 acre of land at Odoba, Otukpa. The temporary office accommodation was initially sited in a three-bedroom flat at Efugo, Otukpa but has now been relocated to a block of four-room offices constructed on the 4 acres of land which also has a tractor shed and a 20,000 litre capacity earth water reservoir. The station has a brand new JXT CASE 75 Hp tractor with implements such as plough, harrow, ridger and slasher.


  1. To evaluate various fruits, vegetables, spices and ornamental plants for adaptability to the agro-ecological zone.
  2. To collect available genetic resources of horticultural plants within the agro-ecology for improvement.
  3. To develop improved agro-techniques for horticultural crop production through investigations into such area as crop management, nutrition, irrigation, integrated crop management, weed control and mechanization.
  4. To study the present systems of distribution, handling, packing, preservation and marketing of fruits, vegetables and spices with a view to make recommendations for improvement.
  5. To undertake socio economic studies of rural societies through adopted villages and research outreach centers.
  6. On farm adaptive research through comparative trials of farmers compared with improved varieties of horticultural crops.
  7. To provide knowledge and skills to farm managers, research support staffs, farmers, extension personnel and others interested in fruits, vegetables, spices and ornamental plants production through training (formal and informal) and information dissemination.


The station has four members of staff as her workforce comprising of three Research officers and one Agric. Technologist:

  1. Ajayi, Emmanuel O. (Head of Station)        Plant Physiology
  2. Ngbede, Samson Ochoche Agricultural Economics
  3. Igbegwu, Francis Chimezie Agricultural Extension
  4. Agwarza, Stephen Agricultural Technologist


  1. Establishment of 4 acres of Irvingia orchard
  2. Home garden survey for food and nutrition security was conducted in Otukpa by project 3 from 27th July, 2019 to 2nd August, 2019 and a total of one hundred and fifteen questionnaires were distributed while one hundred and two questionnaires were collected.
  3. Workshop was also held on Citrus value chain by project 2 between 6th and 7th November, 2019.
  4. Production of 1,132 Irvingia wombolu seedlings, 402 Avocado pear, 774 ungrafted mango seedlings, 266 soursop seedlings, 182 local pea, 94 unbudded citrus seedlings, 2,000 and 1,116 citrus seedlings in pre-nursery and nursery respectively.
  5. Training on Irvingea and mushroom production held in November 2021
  6. Establishment of 1 acre of Avocado pear orchard.