Bagauda Sub-station

Dr. Chikaleke Victor Anuzie

Head of Station

The National Horticultural Research Institute, Bagauda Kano stations lies between longitude 8o 23’ E and Latitude 11o 23’ N oscillating between 18.4 oC during winter and 45 oC during summer hereby exhibiting great potentials of accommodating wide arrays of crops which are temperate and tropical in nature.

The station is domicile on about a 310 hectares of land in semi-arid zone of Bagauda, and supplemented with 9ha for dry season horticultural activities at Kadawa both in Kano state of Northern Nigeria.  The raining season takes effect from the month of May with average number of two raining days at 18.3mm and continues till June (7 rain days, 83.9mm) and September (5 rain days, 55.2mm), August (19 rain days, 258.9mm) and September (5 rain days, 55.2mm) only. The rainfall regime indicates that horticultural activities are only feasible within the months of June and September where supplemental irrigation is non-existent.

Some Achievements of the Station

  • Establishment of irrigated 5 acres citrus orchard
  • Establishment of irrigated 5 acres Mango orchard
  • Production of 15,000 budded citrus seedlings
  • Production of 10000 grafted Mango seedlings
  • Rehabilitation of cold room for seed storage
  • Information dissemination and production of more than 500kg of okra seeds (NH 4-7-4), LD88, etc
  • Cultivation of Corchorus Amaranthus and sunflower
  • Consultancy orchard establishment for Uthman Dan fodio, University, Sokoto


Capacity Building

DSSAT Training for research scientists

Statistical Application Software(SAS) training for research scientists

In-situ training of farmers

Training workshop on capacity building in Fadama Vegetable Production