Owolade, Samuel Olufemi


Principal Research Officer

Area of specialization:

M.Sc (Food Technology)

Official Email:


Food processing, Product development and post harvest losses

Brief Profile

Owolade Samuel Olufemi is a versatile and ambitious Research Scientist (PRO) specializing majorly in product development (value addition) to horticultural materials. He has some publications to his credit which are published in high rated journal articles. I have an excellent research focus and an ability to actively contribute to the research project goals. I’m can interact with other researchers constructively and creatively. While I can independently conduct a research with minimum request for supervision and I’m a good team player. I’m skill in Ms Office application, Excell and Power point. I’m presently working on development of Probiotic complementary food for young children from locally available materials consist of millet and grain amaranth as probable alternative to commercially formulated  baby formula that is not within the affordability of rural nursing mothers.


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