Lukman, Fatima Bisola


Research Officer II

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Brief Profile

I hailed from Ibadan in Oyo state over three decades ago, I have been a scientist in National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan for three years. I am a member of Horticultural Society of Nigeria. A postgraduate student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Women Agricultural scientists are well positioned to understand farmers’ needs from production to processing to marketing. They know the dynamics and limitations that farmers faced in obtaining household food and economic security, and are often informed about relevant technologies that women farmers will readily adopt.

I therefore seek better knowledge and more productive technologies aimed at boosting crop production and incomes for smallholder farmers. I belief while developing myself, I can simultaneously contribute to science.


Lukman F.B, Fabunmi T.O, Okafor B.N and Rafiu A.M: Assessment of some Agronomic           performance in celosia and tigernut intercrop in response to rates of poultry manure

Abdul Rafiu A.M, Adebisi M.A, Lukman F.B, and Akinleye O.C: Influence of plant population                densities on seed germination in cayenne pepper (capcicum frutescence L.) genotypes

Ikoro J.I, Idehen E.O, Ibitoye D.O, Anyaoha C. O, Oguntolu O.O, Okoyo M.E, Ukachukwu P.C,              Lukman F. B and Ukpong M.E.: Estimates of genetic variation for Agro-morphological       and Yield Traits of some Pepper (Capcicum annumm L.) Accessions.

Lukman F.B., Akinyode E.T, Olomide O.A.K., and Akinleye O.C.: Evaluation of Tomato (Solanum         lycopercicum L.) Genotypes for fruit Yield and Yield- Related Characters under Wet             Condition.

Modupeola T.O., Babajide P.A., Oladosu B.O., and Lukman F.B., and Abdul-Rafiu A.M.: Growth                         and Yield of Onion (Allium cepa) as influenced by Organic and inorganic Ferterlizer types               in South Western Africa.