Ibitoye, Dorcas Olubunmi (Dr)


Assistant Director (Research)

Area of specialization:

Plant Breeding and Genetics

Official Email:


PhD (Plant Breeding)

Brief Profile

Dorcas Olubunmi Ibitoye is a plant breeder with particular interest in tomato, okra, plantain/banana and papaya. She works on the development of fresh market inbred and hybrid tomato with tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses. Dorcas was an AGRA PhD scholar at the West Africa Center for Crop Improvement (WACCI), University of Ghana and IITA PhD research fellow. As a PhD scholar, she won the Second prize and 3rd prize in the PhD category for West Africa Region and Africa respectively for the TEEAL Research Paper Competition. She won the Nestle conference fellowship to present part of her PhD research. She is a fellow of the Africa Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) and a fellow of the Africa Plant Breeding Academy (AfPBA). Dorcas is a scientist of international repute with several publications to her credit both in national and international journals and proceedings. She is an active team player in many projects such as Africa Union-WACCI sub-project on Tomato in Nigeria, Africa Union-IITA Plantain Project, and USAID-IITA CTEH-BananaBreed Project. She is a member of some registered profession bodies notable are ISHS, HORTSON, Africa Plant Breeder Association (APBA), Nigerian Plant Breeder Association (NPBA), and Genetic Society of America (GSA). Currently, some of her on-going research activities include: the use of semi-automated hydroponics to mass-produce true-to-type sex forms for increased papaya seedling production and improvement; screening tomato germplasm for antixenosis and antibiotic mechanism of resistance to Tuta absoluta, participatory approach for the development of product profiles for the genetic improvement of tomato, okra and plantain/banana. Dorcas is happily married with children.


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