Varietal Evaluation of Egg plant for Growth and Yield Characters

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Akinfasoye J.A.
Ajayi E.O.
Idowu Agida O.O.
Ogunleti D.O.

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October 21, 2020

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Egg Plant

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Five eggplant varieties, namely, ABJT-1112, ABJT-1105, ABJT-1111, ABJT-1102 and ABJT-1114 were evaluated from 27, July-8, November, 2009 in the research farm of National Horticultural Research Institute(NIHORT), Ibadan, Nigeria. The varieties showed significant differences on plant height, number of leaves, number of primary branches, fruit length and fruit width. ABJT-1112 and ABJT-1102 were observed to perform better than the remaining varieties in the parameters mentioned above. Total yield was not significantly different among the varieties tested.

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