Training requirements for extension workers in Banana and Plantain technology transfer in Southwestern

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Olajide-Taiwo Lawrence,O.
Olajide-Taiwo Funmilayo. B.
Akinsorotan Akin. O.
Adekunle Olusegun. A

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October 21, 2020

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Agricultural development can be positively influenced by a number of factors, which include constantly changing technology through education and research. This goes to show the significance of the need to identify training needs of the Extension Workers involved in banana and plantain technology transfer with a view to ensuring technology driven development. The study assessed the training requirements of extension workers involved in banana and plantain technology transfer in Southwestern Nigeria. Agricultural Development Programmes (APDS) banana/plantain-producing zones of Ogun, Ondo and Osun States were selected. One hundred and six (50%) of the 209 extension workers in these zones were randomly sampled. Data were collected using pre-tested, structured interview schedule. Data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages,mean and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. Banana and plantain orchard site selection and preparation, harvesting techniques, orchard establishment and orchard management were the technology dissemination activities involving extension workers. These accounted for 75.5%, 65.1%, 62.3% and 62.3% of their involvement respectively although, there was need to improve on their knowledge and skills in banana arid plantain root management strategies. Extension workersÂ’ technology dissemination on the crops was least in pre-nursery management accounting for only 23.6% of their involvement. The mean knowledge score of extension workers on banana and plantain technologies was 61.1%. Correlation analysis between knowledge and involvement of extension workers in banana and plantain technology transfer shows no significant relationship(r=0.18,p>0.05). This implies that the current technology dissemination efforts of the extension workers in banana and plantain production is not based on their knowledge of improved technologies. This calls for technology driven development of banana and plantain industry with adequate focus on training of extension workers to improve their knowledge and skill.

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Banana and Plantain, training, extension workers, training needs