Profitability of garden-egg production in Abia state.

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Nworie, H.E
Agbaraevoh, P.C
Ngbede, S.O

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October 21, 2020

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The research investigation was focused on the production of garden-egg in Abia state with a view to determining its profitability. Resources used in garden egg production were identified and their costs were measured using 118 garden-egg farmers. Yield of garden-egg fruits and revenue used for different garden-egg fruit yields were also measured. Enterprise gross margin analysis gave seventy thousand, three hundred and seventy naira and thirty kobo (N70,370.30) per hectare for farmers that cultivated from one to four hectares and one hundred and ninety seven thousand ,eight hundred and sixty-six naira (N197,866.00)for thirty-nine (39) hectares for those who cultivated less than one hectare. All the farmers in the study area gave a gross margin of three hundred and thirty-eight thousand, six hundred and six naira,six kobo (N33,606.06). this gave a productivity index of 1.93,1.67 and 1.75, respectively. The results of the study further show that one naira invested by the large scale farmers gave an additional return of ninety –three kobo (N0.93), while one naira invested by small scale farmers yields additional return of sixty-seven kobo. (N0.67). all farmers index shows that one naira invested yielded additional seventy-five kobo (N0.75) and this shows that garden-egg production in Abia state of Nigeria is profitable.

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