Profitability Analysis of Locust beans seed (Parkia Biglobosa) Processing in Ibadan Nigeria

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Usman J.M.
Adebisi-Adelani O.
Oni P.I.
Abiola I.O.
Adesope A.A.A.

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October 21, 2020

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Locust beans

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The Study was carried out to examine the profitability of locust beans seed processing in Ibadan Nigeria. The data were collected through the use of questionnaire. The respondents were randomly selected from Aleshinloye, Bodija,Sango, Dugbe and Oja Oba markets. The data collected were statistically analysed using frequency table and profitability test was carried out using gross margin analysis. The results shows that total cost for processing 700kg of Parkia was #49,990.00. Rate of return was 840.1% and rate of return of investment was 7.4. The study shows that the business of the locust bean seed processing in Ibadan was profitable. It was therefore recommended that banks and other financial institutions should provide loan to locust bean processors, research institutes should carry out more reserch work on the processing so as to introduce modern and more efficient method of processing and more people should invest on the processing of locust beans seed since it is a profitable venture.

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