Profitabiity of dry-season okra production

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Nworie, H.E
Agbaraevor, P.C.

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October 21, 1997

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Mbato, Imo State Nigeria

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Six varieties of okra were produced between the months of October and February in South-Eastern Nigerian to measure their profitability. The results obtained showed that dry-season okra production was profitable but its profitability was variety-specific.
Four of the six okra varieties yielded positive returns or profits while two varieties resulted in negative returns or losses.
The best four varieties yielded as high as N55,500.00; N57,750.00; N60750.00 and N71,750.00 per hectare respectively.
Extrapolated figures from the results showed an equal production cost of N47,179 per hectare of each of the six okra varieties produced. This gave negative profit margins or losses of 55.54% for okro variety and 3.38% for OJ92 variety. It also resulted in positive profit margins of 31.58% for OA92 variety. 36.91% for 5L96 variety, 44.02% for NHAe 47-4 variety and 70.10% for ON88 variety.
The results further explain that for the one naira invested in the production of OA92, 5L96, NHAe 47-7 and ON88, Okra varieties would yielded a profit of No.31, No. 36, No 44 and No 70 respectively.

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