Productivity of Okra/Corchorus Intercropped under Three Planting Arrangements

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Ogunkeyede, O.O.
Adenawoola, A. R.
Alasiri, K. O.

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October 21, 1997

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Ibadan, Nigeria

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Field trials were conducted between July and October 1995 and 1996 rainy season to investigate the performance of okra and Corchorus in intercropping and the effects of planting arrangement of corchorus viz: row, spot and broadcast on the yield of the mixture. Yield of okra was reduced by more than 60% in intercropping in 1995 while Corchorus yield was reduced by more than 40% in row planting with okra in both years, the LER values for broadcast, row and spot for 1995 and 1996 showed that spot planting of Chorchorus has yield advantage over row and broadcasting methods of planting Chorchorus.

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