Productivity of Maize-Okra Mixtures in South West Nigeria

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Osaigbovo, A. U
Fagbayide J.A.
Aiyelaagbe, I.O.O
Arile, C. O.
Adetayo B. O.

Year of Publications

October 21, 1999

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Portharcourt, Nigeria

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For two consecutive years, the productivity of a maize-okra mixture intercropped in alternate rows were evaluated at Ibadan. South West Nigeria. The maize variety used was DMSR-EY and the okra varieties were tae 38. Nhae 47-4 and LD88/1-8. Intercropping did not significantly influence height, canopy diameter and leaf area of okra but it deceased number of leaves produced by LD 88/1-8. Height, canopy diameter and number of leaves produced were not significantly influenced by intercropping. Intercropping significantly delayed days to 50% flowering, number and weight of fresh fruits of okra vars Nhae 47-4 and LD 88/1-8. Intercropping with Nhae 47-4 and LD88/1-8 significantly delayed days to 50% tasselling of maize. Intercropping with Nhae 47-4 significantly increased grain yield of maize. Land equivalent Ratio (LER) of mixtures involving Tae 38. LD 88/1-8 and Nhae 47-4 were 1.3, 1.6 and 1.8 respectively. The corresponding values of cash advantages due to intercropping (CAI) were, N48,900, N74,200 and N843,400 ha-1. Our result show that maize-okra mixtures are highly productive Nhae 47-4 is the best okra variety to intercrop with maize.

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