Preliminary evaluation of the effects of N treatment on two elite cultivars of watermelon in Dadinkowa

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M. S. Askira
A. A. Kintomo
B. Abubaka

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October 21, 2020

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A field trial was conducted at the Federal College of Horticultural Technology, Dadin-Kowa research plot, 100 180 N and 110 310 E, between August and October 2005. The experiment was a factorial in a split plot design with three replications. Nitrogen at 0, 30, 60 90 and 120kg in delineate the sub-plots, while two watermelon cultivars (Sugar Baby and Charles Grey) formed the main plots. The N treatment was split applied with the first dose at planting and the second dose at 5 weeks after planting (WAP). The result indicated highly significant effects (P=<0.001) of the treated plots over the control with the 60kg^N ha1 giving the highest yield of 42.06t ha-1. There was also a significant N x Cultivar interaction. The result depicts that Sugar Baby performs best at 60kg ha-1 with the average yield of 41.91 t ha1 while Charleston Grey gave the best performance at 90kg Ha-1 with yield of 47.53 t ha1. Ground cover score indicate progressive significant differences for N treatment only from the 5th to 8th WAP. The further indicates that there is a high prospect for N utilization on the Dadin Kowa sandy loams and sandy clay loams

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