Performance of tomato lines in the derived Savannah Agro-ecology

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Adebayo, O.S.
E.I. Nwanguma
F.O. Kuku

Year of Publications

October 21, 1997

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Ibadan Nigeria.

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Seven tomato lines were evaluated for their susceptibility to pests and diseases and for high yield in the derived savannah agro ecology of Nigeria.
There was no incidence of wilts, insects and viruses in all the tested lines, whiel low incidence of root knot nematodes and Alternaria blight was recorded. However, significantly low (P = 0.05) root-knot index was recorded in CP 94/10.
Furthermore, higher (P = 0.05) fruit number and yield were recorded in lines JM94/54 and JM58/1. Variety and location interaction was not significant.

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