Marketing Analysis of Fresh Okra Vegetable in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Layade, A.A
Badmus, M.A
Taylor, O.O
Ibe, R.B

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October 21, 2020

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The study examined marketing of fresh okra in Ibadan metropolis of Oyo State, Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling technique was used in the selection of ninety-six fresh okra marketers (33 wholesalers and 63 retailers). Data were collected with the aid of well-structured questionnaire and were analyzed using descriptive statistics, marketing margin and Gini coefficient. The results revealed that 96.9% of wholesalers and 100% of the retailers were women. The age range of majority of wholesales was 41-50 years while that if retailers were 40 years. 33.34% of wholesalers and 52.38% of retailers had been in okra by retailers per week. Average marketing margin basket weighs 10kg) were sold by wholesalers while average of 6 baskets was sold by retailers per week. Average marketing margins at wholesale and retail levels were N215.79 and N285.06 per 10kg basket respectively. Marketing efficiency for both wholesalers and retailers were greater than unity than unity (ME>1). Gini coefficient values obtained for wholesalers and retailers were 0.55 and .39 respectively, indicating that the market was competitive as no single marketer could influence the price or the supply of okra. However, retail market was more perfectively competitive and efficient. The major marketing constraints identified by the marketers were transportation and was more problems. It is therefore recommended that government should construct more roads and repair the bad ones in order to reduce the burden of high transportation cost. Also, marketers should access to credit facilities in order to enhance market efficiency.

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okra, market structure, market margin and effiency, marketing contraint, Gini coefficient.