Marketing analysis of African walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) in Ibadan metropolis.

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Usman, J.M
Adeoye I.B
Akanni-John, R

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October 21, 2020

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The study investigated the performance of difference physical market locations of African walnut in Ibadan metropolis. The data were collected by the use of structured questionnaire administered to sixty respondents chosen from three markets in Ibadan, Nigeria. The result shows that more female (80%)than male (20%) were involved in the sales of African walnut in the study area. The gross profit for Oje moniya and Apata were 10090,95 naira per 100 seeds of walnut respectively. The study also shows that there was no significant difference between gender and market location; material status and gender; number children and gender. There was, however, significant difference between age and market location; marital status and age; education and market location; education and age; experience and age. The major constraints facing the traders were inadequate of transportation, inadequate finance, easy spoilage and seasonality in supply of walnut.

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