Land evaluation for citrus and mango production in Nigeria

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Okafor B.N
Akinbola G.E

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October 21, 2020

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Kano, Nigeria

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Soil evaluation is a basic necessity in attaining food securitythrough optimal uses of land for agricultural uses for which they are most suitable. A semi detailed soil survey was carried out to ascertain the suitability of a 420 hectare land at ajibode,Ibadan ,Oyo state. Six soil types were identified after augering was done to identify soil types and their boundries within the landscape. 83.33% of the land is suitable for horticultural tree crop production although with varying level of suitability. 17.67% of the land areas is marginally suitable for tree crop production, but could be used for dry season vegetable production and for cultivation of other water loving plants. Proper and regular drainage of the land area constrained by high water table during the rainy season could make it suitable for production of tree crops. Among the 83.33% land area suitable for horticultural tree crop production,33.33% is constrained by stones and could constitute a problem for the tree crops during the dry season and so may require irrigation for optimal performance. Although a greater part of the land is suitable for tree crops production, specific soil management measures should be put in place to ensure soil conservation and optimum production by the crops.

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