Influence of Storage Conditions And Packaging Materials On Seed Germination of Parkia Biglobosa

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Olabode I.A.
Akinwumi G.S.
Tairu F.M.
Akinfasoye J.A.

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October 21, 2020

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Parkia Biglobosa

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An experiment was carried out to investigate the influence of storage conditions and packaging materials on the preservation of parkia biglobosa seeds. Ripe fruits of P. biglobosa were harvested from the indigenous fruit of National Horticultural Research Institute and left intact for two months. These were later processed and the seeds obtained were separated into big (>=0.26g) and small (<= 0.20g). These seeds were packed separately into three packaging materials (Baft abg, Tin and Plastic) and then stored under room temperature and in refrigerator. These seeds were taken out monthly and planted out in the nursery trays to give a total of 12 treatments arranged in a completely randomized design. The result revealed that germination period ranges between 8-40 days when no germination is observed. Mean germination is significantly higher in small seed packed in plastic and stored inside refrigerator throughout the period of storage. However, highest germination was observed at five months of storage. Seeds in the refrigerator significantly stored longer than those stored at room temperature irrespective of the packaging materials. Seeds in refrigerator and room gave germination percentage ranging from 16 – 41 and 0 -12% respectively at 12 month after harvest (MAH). The use of plastic as packaging materials gave highest germination percentage(41%) at 12 MAH and was therefore recommended for storing Parkia Biglobosa.

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