Influence of Rootstock on the Performance of Lake Tangelo in South-Western Nigeria

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Kolade, J.A.
A.A. Olaniyan
O.A. Taylor

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October 21, 1997

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Ibadan Nigeria

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A comparative study of the influence of six different commercial rootstocks: Cleoparta mandarin, Rough lemon Swinglea. Rangpur lime. Sour orange and Pondirosa lemon on the performance of Lake tangelo (Citrus reticalata Blanco X Citrus paradise Maef) was carried out at the National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan in South-western Nigeria for 12 years. Survival percentage of lake tangelo on POndirosa lemon rootstock was highest followed by Rough lemon and Rangpur lime. Trees on Cleopatra the standard rootstock for the zone was only slightly better than trees on swinglea which recorded the poorest survival rate. Rootstock significantly influenced trunk cross sectional area. Lake tangelo on Rough Lemon had a significantly bigger trunk than all others, while those on Swinglea had the least. Canopy size of the trees was better for trees on Rough lemon and Rangpur lime was significantly highest than those on all other rootstocks. Fruit weight was higher on Cleopatra mandarin and Swinglea rootstocks.
Differences in total soluble solids, (TSS), vitamin C content and Brix: acid ratio were not significant. In general, Rough Lemon, Rangpur Lime and Pondirosa Lemon are promising as Lake tangelo rootstocks in south-western Nigeria.

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