Growth Respponse of Homestead Selection Pawpaw (Carica Papaya L.) Seedlings to Soil Moisture Stress

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Aiyelaagbe I.O.O.
Fawusi M.O.A.

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October 21, 1996

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Ago Iwoye

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The effect of soil moisture stress regimes of -0.02, -0.06 and -0.10MPa on the growth of Homestead selection pawpaw seedlings was investigated under green house conditions. The objective was to determine the critical soil water potential for pawpaw seedling growth. Soil water potentials of -0.06 and -0.10MPa significantly decreased seedling height stem girth, leaf number, leaf area, node number and canopy diameterbut not total dry weight, not length or root spread of thepawpaw seedlings. Thus, -0.02MPa is considered the critical soil water potential for optimum seedling growth of pawpaw

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