Girth induction in Irvingia gabonesis Var Excelsa

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Nzekwe, U
Onyekwelu, S.S.C.

Year of Publications

October 21, 1997

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Ibadan Nigeria

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At Mbato, Southeastern Nigeria, the effect of growth media on the vigour of Irvingia wombulu var excelsa seedlings was investigated. The media included topsoil alone topsoil + goat droppings, topsoil + cowdung, topsoil + oil palm shdge, topsoil + NPK, and/topsoil + Urea. Both topsoil + Urea and topsoil + goat manure (1:1) produced the most vigorous seedlings and highest % budtake of the budded seedlings. The user users recommended.
The results of the study reveal that seedlings could be budded the same year such seeds were germinated, provided the seedlings were grown in nutrient rich medium.

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