Effects of Phytohormones on rooting of Irvingia Wombulu stem cuttings

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Nzekwe, Uche

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October 21, 1997

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Ibadan Nigeria

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The study involved the assessment of NAA, IAA, Gesatop and Coconut nursery milk, inducing rooting on mature and juvenile stem cutting of Irvingia wombulu. 50ppm and 200ppm respectively of NAA, IAA and Gesatop 40%, 80% and 100% coconut milk were used.
Coconut nursery milk, Gesatop and IAA in that other gave better rooting response than NAA irrespective of cutting type. In all the chemicals evaluated, juvenile cuttings gave higher and better percentage rooting response than the mature cuttings.
Rooting the chemicals indicate the Irvingia seedlings could be raised through stem cuttings particularly when the seeds are not available.
The fact that Gesatop at lower concentration and coconut nursery milk at higher concentration could produce between 55% – 58% rooted cuttings implied that these two chemicals at appropriate concentrations could be substituted for the conventional rooting hormones.

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