Effects Of Husking And Potting Media On Growth Of Mango Rootstock Seedlings

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Adeoye, P.O
Akinyemi, S.O.S
Fajinmi, O.B
Layade, A.A

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October 21, 2020

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A screen house experiment was carried out to assess the effect of de-husking and potting media on the growth of mango rootstock seedlings, at the National Horticultural Research Institute, Ibadan, Ogbomosho variety of mango was used as the test crop while three planting media wer used: soil alone, soil+sawdust (1:1) and sawdust alone. The planting media were put in wooden trays and arranged in completely randomized design with three replications. There was no significant difference (P<0.005) in plant height and number of height of 32.10cm compared to those planted in soil alone and soil+sawdust which had 31.30cm and 29.45, respectively at 2MAP. Sprouting was significantly aided by husking and led to maximum expression of poly-embryonic nature of mango 170 seedlings generated from 120 husked stones while gave 67 seedlings. Husking aided prompt sprouting and maximum expression of poly-embryonic nature of mango while sawdust alone can be a good medium to raise mango rootstock seedlings.

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Growth media, Husking, rootstocks, seedling emergence.