Effect of Rooting Media on the Establishment and Growth of Roses

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Akinfasoye, J.A
Adetayo, O.B
Adedokun M. O.

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October 21, 1999

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Roses are ornamental plants shared worldwide. It comes to variety of colours. The flower all the year round. The major use of the plant is for its aesthetic value.
The experiment was conducted were: River sand as control, decomposed maize cob, sawdust and maize cob + sawdust. The experiment was conducted at Federal College of Agriculture, Moor Plantain, Ibadan and was replicated four times.
The result obtained indicated that pure river sand has the highest mean and significantly higher than the other three treatments in all the parameters taken into consideration such as survival count, number of leaves, number of shoot produced per cutting and height of shoot.

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