Effect of hot water treatments on the post-harvest storage of tomato (Lyscopersicum esculenttum) Cv 1402

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Babalola, S.O
Oyebanji, O
Ogunleti, D.O
Ajayi, E.O

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October 21, 2020

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Kano, Nigeria

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The experiment was conducted in 2009 at Department of Postharvest Technology, A agricultural Research Organization. Volcani Centre , Israel, to determine the effect of hot water treatment on the shelf life of tomato. Tomato fruits were subjected to hor water treatments at two temperature regimes of 50c and 60c and two different of immersions of one and three minutes respectively. All the fruits were stored at controlled temperature of 12c for eight days and 20c for three days. Control was maintained by treating them with warm water at normal room temperature. The result showed a reduction in weight in al the treatments including the control. The highest weight loss was observed in tomatoes treated at 60c for 3 minutes and 70 to 80 per cent of tomatoes treated at 60 per cent for 3 minutes have deteriorated. Both ripe and green frits showed decay or symptoms of heat injury

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