Climatic Aspect of Citrus Yield in Forest Savanna Transition Zone of Nigeria

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Makinde .A.A
Afolayan S.O.
Olaniyan A.A.
Odeleye M.O.
Okafor B.N.

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October 21, 2020

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Climatic aspect of citrus yield in forest-savanna agro-ecological zones of Nigeria was investigated. Citrus yield and climatic data collected from Ibadan were subjected to correlation and regression analysis to test level of contribution of each climatic element of citrus yield. The result showed that maximum temperature, rainfall and relative humidity have positive correlations with all the 12 citrus varieties used while minimum temperature was only climatic element that was negatively correlated with the citrus yield. Maximum and minimum temperature correlations were significant at p<0.05. The combined effect of the climatic elements were found to account for 70 percent of the variability in citrus yield at NIHORT Ibadan. The implications of the result obtained for citrus farming are also discussed.

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Climate, Forest agro ecological zone, correlation, citrus