REPORT: Geo-Political Horticultural Training for Unemployed Youths and Women on Plantain and Pineapple

Unemployed women and youths were trained in selected horticultural value chains to reduce unemployment and contribute to increased income. Horticulture is a key and promising sector for diversification of the nation’s economy. The training covered rapid propagation techniques of plantain and pineapple, value-added products from plantain and pineapple as well as economics of production of the selected crops (plantain and pineapple) value chains.

The training was held at Conference Hall, Edo State Agricultural Development Programme Headquarter office, Benin City, Edo State. Participants appreciated the Federal Government for enabling the Institute to conduct the training on Plantain and Pineapple which are highly profitable crops. Forty-two participants compromising 19 males and 23 females were trained. Knowledge and skill of the participants on the aspects of the commodity chains taught was enhanced after the training. This was attested to by the participants and corroborated by result of the pre and post knowledge assessment conducted which showed a significant increase in knowledge of the participants after the training.

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