Head Of Department:   Dr S.O. Afolayan
Mission Statement: 
To invigorate and sustainably empower the institute through aggressive revenue mobilization and generation using horticultural crops as target crops.

  • Validating new technologies developed on horticultural crops by NIHORT scientists.
  • Private-Public-Partnership (PPP) on Horticultural crops and other areas of national interests.
  • Revenue generation
  • Provision of Agricultural services
  • Agricultural Consultancy

Horticultural Consultancy Ventures came into being on the 28th November, 2016. The unit is the Revenue Generating Arm of National Horticultural Research Institute.

The Nature of business is: Training/Consultancy Services in Agricultural and Horticulture Agricultural/ Horticultural Orchard Services, Import and Export of Agricultural/Horticultural Produces.

Horticultural Consultancy Ventures include the following units.

  • Citrus Venture
  • Pineapple Venture
  • Mango Venture
  • Indigenous Fruits Venture
  • Exotic Fruits Venture
  • Plantain & Pawpaw Venture
  • Fresh Vegetables Venture
  • Seed Production Venture
  • Floriculture Venture
  • Fruit Juice Production
  • Honey Production Venture
  • Guest House

  • Establishment of Orchard and maintenance within the Institute or anywhere in the Country where the services are needed.
  • Manpower Development and Training
  • Mass Production of seedlings and spices for sales
  • Sales of citrus and other fruits including Exotic fruits for consumption.
  • Revenue Generation in line with Federal Government policy.

Other Services Includes:

  • Expertise in irrigation systems development and indigenous fertilization systems on a commercial scale.
  • Highly open to Private – Public Partnerships.
  • Orchard development of Horticultural crops.
  • Provision of Agricultural consultancy on Pineapple, Mango, Plantain, Pawpaw, floriculture, Citrus, Exotic, Indigenous.



Within the years of operation of Hort. Consultancy Ventures, the underlisted are organization and individuals that benefitted from our services:

  • Dara Handasah Farms Minna – Plantain, Fruit orange & Exotic Fruits
  • JARTERS Energy and Water solution Limited. Freebac D-150 Chemical Testing on Tomato
  • Oyo State
  • Landmark University, Offa
  • CHI Farms Ltd, Ibadan
  • Mr. Ben Oguh, Abeokuta
  • Dr. Ayeni Julius NIFFRI
  • Mrs. Iyabo Toyin, Ibadan
  • Adekunle Farms, Moniya – Welfare Plantain
  • Ruach Integrated Services
  • Avilex Biotechnology Ltd – Soil Test
  • Puisity Global Resources Services – Empowerment
  • Hauge Logistics – Empowerment
  • Kord Resources Nig. - Empowerment
  • Chervi Global Resources Ltd. – Empowerment
  • Fem Pannath Nig. Limited – Establishment of Orchard (Plant of Citrus)
  • Sweet Green Farms Services Limited
  • Establishment of pineapple, Citrus, Mango, Plantain and Vegetable orchards at NIHORT Headquarter.
  • Irrigated water building and management including assorted irrigation systems.
  • Establishment of Exotic fruits Nursery at NIHORT Headquarter.
  • Establishment of indigenous Nursery at NIHORT Headquarter.

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The National Horticultural Research Institute (Headquarter); located in Ibadan was established in 1975 with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme in conjunction with food and Agricultural Organization as fruits and vegetables research and demonstration centre. It acquired the status of a national institute in June 1976.The Institute’s headquarter is situated on a 350 hectares of land at Jericho Reservation Area, Idi-Ishin, Ibadan, in the rainforest agro-ecological zone of South Western Nigeria.

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National Horticultural Research Institute
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