Those research support are:

  1. Information & Documentation                       Ag. H.O.D (Mrs Odubanjo-Francis A.O.)
  2. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation           Ag. H.O.D (Dr I.B. Adeoye)
  3. Finance & Accounts                                       Ag. H.O.D (Mrs E. A. Ogunro)
  4. Human Resources                                          H.O.D (MR M. A. OWOLABI)

Finance & Accounts

Head of Department: Mrs E. A. Ogunro
To provide cost effective and efficient accounting and Financial Management services to the Institute.

The objectives of the Finance and Accounts Department are the following:-
        *       Ensure proper control of the Institute’s financial resources
        *       Giving directives  and guidance to other to departments in the Institute on financial matters
        *       Maintain accurate financial information system
        *       Administer the Institute pay-roll system
        *       Ensure proper utilization of fund and encourage prudency

Finance & Account As A Department
The Finance and Accounts Department is saddle with the financial and accounting functions of the Institute.   It is currently has Mrs E.A. Ogunro (Assistant Director) as its Acting Head.   She is responsible to the Executive Director on financial matters.

Other functional Units in the Department are;
        *       The Expenditure Control Unit
        *       Mandate Unit
        *       Consolidated Account Unit
        *       Loan and Advances
        *       Integrated Personnel Payroll Information System Unit
        *       Checking and Verification Unit
        *       Reconciliation Unit
        *       National Housing Fund Unit

Information & Documentation

Head of DepartmentMrs Odubanjo-Francis A.O
The information and documentation department is set aside for the use of scientists, researchers, students and practitioners in horticultural and related areas. The department support horticultural research by enhancing access to information through effective management of its resources and provision of wide range of information services to researchers, scientists, students, farmers and policy maker in horticultural sector.
The department also comprises the Information technology unit of the institute. This unit manages all the IT needs of the institute vis-à-vis computer maintenance, internet provision and general IT support services.

        *       To improve the management of research and the organization carrying out the research
        *       To provide the required flow of information to those that require/need them
        *       To ensure availability through acquisition and accessibility, to a continuous flow of relevant and high quality information on horticultural research for stakeholders in the horticultural industry.

        *       Readers Services Unit
        *       Technical service unit
        *       Serial service
        *       Reference and referral service
        *       Information Technology Unit
        *       Documentation and publication Unit
        *       Reprographic Unit

        *       Scanning of Rare Books materials
        *       Retrospective Cataloguing
        *       Database of Reprints
        *       Database of Annual Reports
        *       Database of Academic Projects
        *       Shelf-Reading
        *       Shelf-Listing
        *       Website Re-design

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Head of Department:        Dr. I.B. Adeoye

To ensure effective Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Institute’s Research Projects and activities with the resource available in order to achieve sustainable economic development and improved livelihood.
Key Mandates
        *       Preparation of annual Budget
        *       Monitor implementation of project activities
        *       Ensure efficient utilization of resources.
        *       Overseeing budget for Infrastructures and research activities
        *       Prepare Annual performance plans in order to ensure compliance with long term and short term goals.
        *       Conduct training programmes based on staff’s training needs and capacity gap.

Notable Achievement/Output  
        *       Development of Annual Work Plan
        *       Mapping of a detailed Organogram for the institute
        *       Regular Monitoring and Evaluation of Institute Activities
        *       Collation of Research Projects
        *       Progress Reports on Institute’s activities quarterly and annually.

Units/Sections under the Department
        *       Budget Unit
        *       Monitoring & Evaluation Unit
        *       Statistics, Biometrics and Experimental Design
        *       Research Training and Capacity Building

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About Us

The National Horticultural Research Institute (Headquarter); located in Ibadan was established in 1975 with the assistance of United Nations Development Programme in conjunction with food and Agricultural Organization as fruits and vegetables research and demonstration centre. It acquired the status of a national institute in June 1976.The Institute’s headquarter is situated on a 350 hectares of land at Jericho Reservation Area, Idi-Ishin, Ibadan, in the rainforest agro-ecological zone of South Western Nigeria.

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